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The Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish coming of age, is typically marked by celebratory parties and piles of gifts. Beaming grandparents and distant relatives alike come bearing gifts for the new man. The reason they do it is evident in the look of delight on his face as he tears into the stack of presents.

Read on about Rodals extensive list of Bar Mitzvah gifts or choose a subcategory below.

Does He Need A Tallis?

Tallis, Yads, Tallis and Tefillin Bags, and Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas are the four categories we have listed under the Bar Mitzvah section of our website. There are other appropriate gifts available on our site, but these are the most popular categories for this occasion. Please give us a call or stop by our Montreal location with any questions or for help finding the perfect gift!

Why Bar Mitzvah Gifts?

Bar Mitzvah Gifts serve to reinforce the importance of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Some people may be wondering what’s so important about this milestone in a man's life.

In Jewish tradition, this day is the moment a boy becomes a man literally overnight. Before this moment, his education was primarily the responsibility of his parents. Now a considerably larger share of the responsibility falls on his shoulders. Yesterday he was still in training mode and today the real work begins.

It’s not all about responsibility, though. After thirteen years of age, a boy can be counted for a minyan (quorum), lead a minyan, read from the Torah, blow the shofar for the congregation, get an Aliyah, wear Tefillin, and testify as a witness in Beit Din, among other benefits. Think of it as a club with a code of rules members must follow to enjoy their stay properly and take advantage of all the benefits the club has to offer.

Rodals appreciates the opportunity to participate in these major events by providing a comprehensive selection of gifts for the newly minted adult. Get in touch with us today to place an order!

Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas


Tallis and Tefillin Bags



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