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Tefillin Gasos

Tefillin Gasos


Q: Hey! Why are these tefillin 900 bucks???

A: Well, that’s a great question. The reason these are more expensive is that the gasos tefillin are made from a fattier part of the skin (Gasos (or gasot) meaning fat in Hebrew).
Also, the Gasos tefillin boxes are hammered out of one piece of skin whereas the other one is multiple pieces glued together.

Also the parchment inside is of a higher quality writing

But more consequently, because these are of one whole skin they will never come apart with regular use. The basic ones will start to fall apart about 4 – 5 years of regular use. So that’s something else to consider when making your purchase.

So now you know…  Thank you!



Gasos Tefillin, High Quality. Ideal for one who will use daily.
Available in Ashkenaz, Sefard or Chabad right handed and left handed


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